Every person making application for residency at Uptown Park Apts. Must complete a rental application. This
application must be completed by the actual resident and a separate application must be completed by any person
contributing income to the household.
A $40.00 non-refundable application fee is required per application.

All listed sources of income must be verifiable and will be verified; ie. Salary, hourly wage, commissions, bonuses,
social security, retirement and investment income. Copies of documents verifying the income source may be required
(tax return, 1099 etc.).

A credit and criminal history will be obtained on each applicant. If the applicant has no credit history, it is accepted
that the applicant has qualifying credit. The history will be reviewed for slow payment, delinquent accounts, and
outstanding collections, liens, judgments, and/or public records. Applicants exhibiting poor credit (7-10 credit lines
negative) will be charged an additional $50.00 deposit. Applicants exhibiting more than 10 negative credit lines will be
required to have a co-signor or prepay their lease term. Any applicant who has been convicted of a felony against
person or property or any drug related felony or five (5) charges of any type other than minor traffic citations will be
declined. Registered Sex Offenders are ineligible.

If prior residency was as a resident in a rental property, verification must be made with the owner/agent of the
community. Acceptance of the applicant will be considered if no derogatory information is obtained from the previous
landlord concerning timely payment, damages to property and compliance of lease terms.

Studio apartments measure 240 square feet and can only accommodate one occupant.

Lease will be made for a minimum of three (3) months up to a maximum of one (1) year. Terms will be at the
discretion of Uptown Park Apartments, as per the market or the Owner or Owner's agents instructions.

The standard deposit for a studio apartment home is $150.00.

The Owner/Agent may grant exceptions from any or all of the above-mentioned Acceptance Standards/Applications
Qualifications, if, in the opinion of the Owner/Agent the exceptions are justified. Special circumstances may dictate
the final decision of the Owner/Agent after all standards/qualifications have been reviewed.

You warrant that neither you, nor any member of your household, have any criminal charges pending, awaiting
disposition or looming in any way; nor do you, nor any member of your household, have any criminal charges in the
process of being filed or awaiting filing by any government entity. You warrant that neither you nor any member of
your household, have been involved in any activity that may result in an arrest or criminal charges. You agree that if
tenancy is accepted and any criminal charge is later learned of by landlord, that landlord may immediately terminate
your tenancy by eviction or otherwise and you will be responsible for the attorney's fees, costs, collections fees,
concessions, bread lease fees, other charges and rent until the premises are re-rented.